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ZFS comparisons: Mac perspectives

  • a Google Docs spreadsheet, open to anonymous editors
  • begun by ilovezfs in July 2013.

--Grahamperrin (talk) 18:28, 9 October 2013 (UTC)

FreeBSD Features

According to pjd, the features available only in FreeBSD; someone please format them properly and add them to the main page:

  • TRIM support (actually also in ZoL, AFAIK).
  • Ability to boot from any ZFS pool (other platforms are limited to one top-level vdev which can be either disk or a mirror (I hope that's correct)).
  • Quick listing when using options '-o name -s name' - it is at least 100 times faster than alternatives. Very handy when there is huge number of snapshots.
  • ZFS-super-owner - allows regular users to perform file system operations as root. This is possible when the file system was mounted by the user, the user is owner of this file system (we force nosuid option then). Used in FreeBSD netperf cluster, so regular users can installworld (which set proper ownership of files) to their netbooted datasets from a build machine.