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Illumos Integration Process

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Smoothing the illumos integration process.
* Finish porting all the ZFS test cases from the STF framework to the TestRunner framework, which lives in the illumos gate.
* Create a script that will run on OmniOS and set up a build environment, get the ZFS code, apply a patch, build it, install it, run the TestRunner test suite, and generate a webrev which can be used to review the code on the mailing list.
== The current illumos development process ==
Develop changes:
* For large or controversial changes, consider getting design review on [[mailing list |]]
* Set up OpenIndiana-based [ development environment]
* Clone repo from [ github]
* Make code changes
* Run a full build with [ nightly] (runs lint)
* Test with ztest and [ TestRunner]
** consider if you need to add a new test case
* Check code style with cstyle tool
Submit code:
* Get your code reviewed on
** cc: [[mailing list |]] for platform-neutral changes
** non-trivial changes typically must be reviewed by a ZFS expert (e.g. Matt Ahrens or George Wilson)
** preferred tool for creating reviews is [ webrev]
* Submit a “[ Request to Integrate]” (RTI) email to
* Advocate will integrate (push) your code to github
** Chris Siden is the most active ZFS advocate
* Author, code reviewer, advocate should be different people

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