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About OpenZFS

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== Goals ==
The goals of the OpenZFS project are:
== Website ==
This website is kindly hosted on hardware provided by, and software written maintained by the nice folk folks at [httphttps://wwwosuosl.hybridcluster.comorg/ HybridClusterOSU-OSL], which is a ZFS-powered hosting platform that provides HA and auto-scaling with container-based live-migration for LAMP apps on FreeBSD(The Open Source Lab at Oregon State University).
== Legal status ==
The OpenZFS logo was created by [ Fffunction]. See the [ OpenZFS brand guidelines] for more information about the logo.
The OpenZFS logo may be used in conjunction with products or projects that use OpenZFS. If you have questions about use of the OpenZFS logo or wish to use it in any other way, please contact [mailto:''admin@at]''.
== Website content ==
<br>We appreciate == ZFS source code copyrights and licensing == is copyright various contributors, and available under the many companies that have given us permission to use their logos[http://opensource. We've created a separate org/licenses/CDDL-1.0 CDDL] open-source license. == Domain names == [[Legal Attributions]] page to comply (this site) – please note the dash in the address. (without a dash) is currently not associated with their logo guidelinesOpenZFS.

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