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== [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 2021]] ==
[[File:OZDS2021.png| right | 290px | OpenZFS Dev Summit 2021]]
The ninth annual OpenZFS Developer Summit will be held online, '''Nov 8-9 (Mon-Tue)'''.
===Conference Details===
[ Register] ('''before Nov 5, 2021''') in order to participate in the conference presentations. The link to the live YouTube stream will be available for those who only want to view the conference: no registration required.
Call for presentation proposals is closed, and the selected talks are listed below.
===Thanks to our Diamond Sponsors===
==Key Dates=Presentations===
{| class="wikitable"
!Title!!Speaker!!Company| Aug 9-|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#The_Addition_of_Direct_IO_to_ZFS_.28Brian_Atkinson.29 | DirectIO for ZFS]]||Brian Atkinson||Los Alamos National Lab|-|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#ZFS_on_Object_Storage_.28Delphix_Team.29 | ZFS on Object Storage]]||George Wilson, Matt Ahrens, Paul Dagnelie, 2021 Manoj Joseph||Delphix|-| [https://www[ | ZFS performance on Windows]]||Imtiaz Mohammad||DataCore|-summit-2021-tickets-166105683571 Conference registration|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#A_New_ZIL_That_Keeps_Up_With_Persistent_Memory_Latency_.28Christian_Schwarz.29 | A New ZIL That Keeps Up With Persistent Memory Latency] opens<br><br>Begin submitting Abstract / Presentation proposals by emailing matt@mahrens]||Christian Schwarz||Independent|-|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#ZettaCache:_fast_access_to_slow_storage_.org28Mark_Maybee.2C_Serapheim_Dimitropoulos.29 | ZettaCache: fast access to slow storage]]||Mark Maybee, Serapheim Dimitropoulos||Delphix
| Sep 3, 2021 [[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#Improving_ZFS_send.2Frecv_.28Jitendra_Patidar.29 || Abstract Improving ZFS send/ Presentation proposal deadlinerecv]]||Jitendra Patidar||Nutanix
| Sep 10, 2021 [[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#Adding_Logical_Quotas_to_ZFS_.28Sanjeev_Bagewadi.29 |Adding Logical Quotas to ZFS]]| Selected speakers notified|Sanjeev Bagewadi|| Nutanix
| '''Nov 8-9[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#VDEV_Properties_.28Allan_Jude.29 | VDEV Properties]]||Allan Jude, 2021''' Mark Maybee|| '''Conference''' Klara Systems, Delphix
Please email for details.

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