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OpenZFS Developer Summit 2021

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<onlyinclude>[[File:ZFS_SquareLogo_1XOZDS2021.jpgpng| right | 290px | OpenZFS Dev Summit 2021]]The ninth annual OpenZFS Developer Summit will be held online, '''Nov 8-9 (Mon-Tue)'''.
Planning is underway for the eighth annual OpenZFS Developer Summit==Conference Details==[https://www. The event is planned to be held Register] ('''before Nov 8-9 (Mon-Tue)5, 2021''') in order to participate in the conference presentations. The link to the live YouTube stream will be available for those who only want to view the conference: no registration required.
Call for presentation proposals is closed, and the selected talks are listed below. ==Key DatesPresentations==
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| Jul 23, 2021 || Conference registration opens<br><br>Begin submitting Abstract / Presentation proposals!Title!!Speaker!!Company
| Aug 30, 2021 [[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#The_Addition_of_Direct_IO_to_ZFS_.28Brian_Atkinson.29 |DirectIO for ZFS]]| Abstract / Presentation proposal deadline|Brian Atkinson||Los Alamos National Lab
| Sep 10[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#ZFS_on_Object_Storage_.28Delphix_Team.29 | ZFS on Object Storage]]||George Wilson, Matt Ahrens, Paul Dagnelie, 2021 Manoj Joseph|| Selected speakers notifiedDelphix
| '''Nov 8[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#ZFS_performance_on_Windows_.28Imtiaz_Mohammad.29 | ZFS performance on Windows]]||Imtiaz Mohammad||DataCore|-9|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#A_New_ZIL_That_Keeps_Up_With_Persistent_Memory_Latency_.28Christian_Schwarz.29 | A New ZIL That Keeps Up With Persistent Memory Latency]]||Christian Schwarz||Independent|-|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#ZettaCache:_fast_access_to_slow_storage_.28Mark_Maybee.2C_Serapheim_Dimitropoulos.29 | ZettaCache: fast access to slow storage]]||Mark Maybee, 2021''' Serapheim Dimitropoulos|| '''Conference''' Delphix|-|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#Improving_ZFS_send.2Frecv_.28Jitendra_Patidar.29 | Improving ZFS send/recv]]||Jitendra Patidar||Nutanix|-|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#Adding_Logical_Quotas_to_ZFS_.28Sanjeev_Bagewadi.29 | Adding Logical Quotas to ZFS]]||Sanjeev Bagewadi|| Nutanix|-|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2021_talks#VDEV_Properties_.28Allan_Jude.29 | VDEV Properties]]||Allan Jude, Mark Maybee||Klara Systems, Delphix
Please email for details.
'''Thanks to all of our sponsors'''
===Diamond Sponsors===
<li style="display: inline-block; padding: 20px;"> [[File: Delphix logo.png|180px|link= | Delphix]] </li>
===Platinum Sponsors===
<li style="display: inline-block;">[[File: racktop-logo.png|180x180px|link= | right | RackTop Systems ]] </li>
===Silver Sponsors===
<li style="display: inline-block; padding: 20px;">[[File: OSNEXUS_logo-updated.png|150x150px|link= | OSNEXUS ]] </li>
===Bronze Sponsors===
<li style="display: inline-block; padding: 20px;"> [[File: FreeBSDF_logo.png |120x120px|link= | FreeBSD Foundation]] </li>
==Code of Conduct==

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