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== Introduction to OpenZFS ==
'''OpenZFS brings together developers and users from various ''' is an open-source forks of the original ZFS on different platforms and we're always looking to grow our communitystorage platform. There are a multitude of ways to contribute to It includes the project functionality of both traditional file systems and contributors are happy to help newcomersvolume manager. As we add diverse perspectives, our community becomes richer, and we're committed to creating an environment where all people feel welcome. It has many advanced [[Newcomers Features | Information features]] including:* Protection against data corruption. Integrity checking for new contributors is available hereboth data and metadata. * Continuous integrity verification and automatic “self-healing” repair** Data redundancy with mirroring, RAID-Z1/2/3 [and DRAID]]* Support for high storage capacities — up to 256 trillion yobibytes (2128 bytes)* Space-saving with transparent compression using LZ4, GZIP or ZSTD* Hardware-accelerated native encryption* Efficient storage with snapshots and copy-on-write clones * Efficient local or remote replication — send only changed blocks with ZFS send and receive
Primary activities of the community include:* Group discussions in the openzfs slack group ( <== instructions for joiningContributing to OpenZFS ==* Monthly [ Leadership Team Meeting]* Annual [[The OpenZFS Developer Summit]]* Individual project brings together developers from the Linux, FreeBSD, illumos, MacOS, and company presentations around the world promoting Windows platforms. OpenZFS* Reduce platform differences (see [https://docsis supported by a wide range of ongoing project spreadsheet])
There are many ways to contribute to OpenZFS including:* OpenZFS is an associated project of SPI (uses [https://wwwgithub.spi-inccom/openzfs/zfs GitHub] to track [https://github.orgcom/projectsopenzfs/zfs/issues bug reports] and [ Software in the Public Interestzfs/pulls feature development])* A monthly [https://docs. SPI is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which handles our donations, finances, and legal holdingsgoogle. You can donate com/document/d/1w2jv2XVYFmBVvG1EGf-9A5HBVsjAYoLIFZAnWHhV-BM/edit OpenZFS Leadership Meeting] Zoom call to discussion active development * The annual [OpenZFS_Developer_Summit OpenZFS using the link below:Developer Summit]
<html><br><form action="" method="post"><input typeGet Started with OpenZFS ="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick" /><input type="hidden" name="hosted_button_id" value="X6KB4BFPRFAG6" /><input type="image" src="[https://wwwopenzfs.paypalobjectsgithub.comio/en_USopenzfs-docs/iProject%20and%20Community/btn/btn_donateCC_LGFAQ.gif" name="submit" alt="Donate to OpenZFS via PayPal" /><img alt="" src="" width="1" height="1" /></form><br></html>Frequently Asked Questions]
== Overview ==[[Newcomers | OpenZFS concepts]]
OpenZFS was A non-exhaustive list of [[announcement Features | announced in September 2013OpenZFS features]] as the truly '''open source''' [[History | successor to the ZFS project]]. Our community '''brings together developers''' from the illumos, FreeBSD, Linux, macOS, NetBSD, and Windows [[distributions | platforms]], and a wide range of [[companies]] that build products on top of OpenZFS.
== OpenZFS is an '''outstanding storage platform''' that encompasses the functionality of traditional filesystems, volume managers, and more, with consistent reliability, functionality, and performance across all Technical Resources ==[[distributions How to install OpenZFS]]:
{| class="wikitable"| '''illumos'''|[ Webpage]|[ GitHub]|-| '''ZoF – ZFS on FreeBSD'''|[ Webpage]|[ GitHub] |openzfs-| '''ZoL – ZFS on Linux'''|[http:docs/man/ Webpage]|[ GitHub]|-| '''html OpenZFS on macOS'''|[ Webpage]|[ GitHub]|-| '''OpenZFS on Windows'''|[ Webpage]|[ GitHubmanual pages]|}
== Project Goals == The highFeature Details. Detailed subsystem/feature blogs, on-level goals of OpenZFS are todisk format specifications:* '''raise awareness''' of the quality, utility, and availability of open source implementations of ZFS,* encourage '''open communication''' about ongoing efforts to improve open source ZFS, and* ensure '''consistent reliability''', functionality, and performance of all distributions of ZFS. The main technical goal of OpenZFS is [ easier sharing of code[Developer_resources | Developer Resources]] between platforms.
== Donate ==

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