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info about the 2020 Dev Summit
== [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 20192020]] ==
The seventh Planning is underway for the eighth annual [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 2019]] conference . The event will be held on '''Nov 4Sept 29-30 (Tue-5, 2019Wed)''' at Delphix HQ in San FranciscoRedwood City, CA.
Links We've decided to slides and recorded presentations can be found on hold the [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 2019]] event page.  ===Diamond Sponsors===<div><ul> <li style="display: inline-block; padding: 20px;"> [[File: Datto_logo_2015.jpg|100px|link= | datto ]] </li><li style="display: inline-block; padding: 20px;"> [[File: outside of San Francisco and use Delphix logo.png|150px|link= | Delphix]] </li><li style="display: inlineHQ in order to allow for the financial flexibility to transition to an online-block; padding: 20px;"> [[File: Intel.png|80px|link= | Intel ]] </li><li style="display: inlineonly event if COVID-block; padding: 20px;">[[File: OsNexus19 is still a significant concern as we get close to the event.png|180x180px|link=http://www.osnexusLuckily Delphix HQ has access to a theater, event space, and a place to hold the | OSNEXUS ]] </li></ul></div>
== Project Goals ==

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