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OpenZFS Developer Summit 2019

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|5rd place|| L2ARC performance on NVMe ||Saji Nair
The hackathon will be on Day 2 of the event (Nov 5), approximately 11am-5pm.
The hackathon is self-organized into small groups. We’ll also have ideas and help available for newcomers. Any topics related to ZFS are fair game. It’s intended to be cooperative, but we do usually have a few small prizes that are awarded by popular vote of the participants.
You may want to bring a laptop with access to a development environment (e.g. an Ubuntu virtual machine). We’ll have folks who can help you set that up too if needed. There are often also hackathon projects whose end result is a design document, proposal for a process change, or documentation. These wouldn’t necessarily require a development environment or even a laptop.
We've seeded [ this spreadsheet] with some ideas from past hackathons, feel free to add your ideas!

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