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== News ==A [[Code of ConductOpenZFS Developer Summit 2019]] has been implemented <-- click for the OpenZFS community.more info ==
Matt Ahrens and George Wilson gave a talk The seventh annual conference will be held on ['''Nov 4-basics OpenZFS Basics] at SCALE16x5, March 20182019''' in San Francisco, CA. [ Slides] and [ Video]
The Register on [http ZFS User Conferencee/openzfs-developer-summit-2019-tickets-62373559997 eventbrite] was held April 2018. Videos now posted.
Matt Ahrens gave '''If you would like to give a talk at BSDCAN: [https://www.bsdcan, submit a proposal via email to Flexible Disk Use in OpenZFS?]''', June 2018 Sara Hartse gave including a talk at BSDCAN: [ paragraph abstract.html 100x Faster Clone Deletion We welcome proposals for any kinds of talks related to ZFS], June 2018 [[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2018 | OpenZFS Developer Summit]] was held September 10-11, 2018and we are particularly interested in fostering a diverse group of speakersThe first [ OpenZFS Leadership Meeting] will be held October 9In the past, 2018 == [[the most popular talks have featured internal details of new or upcoming features in OpenZFS Developer Summit 2019]] <-- click for more info == The seventh annual conference will be held on '''Nov 4-5, 2019and explanations of how existing subsystems work. If you''' in San Francisco, CA. More details re new to come over the summer (July)OpenZFS community or new to giving talks at conferences, but start making plans mentorship is available to help make your presentation the best it can be there! Register on [https://www.eventbriteThe registration fee will be waived for eventbrite]
===Diamond Sponsors===
See [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 2018|OpenZFS Developer Summit 2018]] page to access talks and videos from last year's conference.
== Automated Testing News ==A [[Code of Conduct]] has been implemented for the OpenZFS community.
Pull requests submitted to our Matt Ahrens and George Wilson gave a talk on [ GitHub pagepresentations/openzfs-basics OpenZFS Basics] are automatically testedat SCALE16x, by running ztest and the ZFS Test SuiteMarch 2018. We use illumos VM's running on AWS to perform the tests, [ Slides] and results are available publicly[ Video]
Thanks to infrastructure sponsor Nexenta for covering our AWS hosting costs! The [ ZFS User Conference] was held April 2018. Videos now posted. Matt Ahrens gave a talk at BSDCAN: [[Filehttps: Nexenta-global-leader//www.jpg|180x180px| Flexible Disk Use in OpenZFS?], June 2018 Sara Hartse gave a talk at BSDCAN: [https://www.nexentabsdcan.comorg/ 2018/schedule/events/937.en.html 100x Faster Clone Deletion for ZFS], June 2018 [[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2018 | Nexenta OpenZFS Developer Summit]]was held September 10-11, 2018. The first [ OpenZFS Leadership Meeting] will be held October 9, 2018
== Goals ==

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