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2019 "save the date" announcement
The first [ OpenZFS Leadership Meeting] will be held October 9, 2018
== [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 20182019]] <-- click for more info ==
The sixth seventh annual [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 2018|OpenZFS Developer Summit]] was conference will be held on '''September 10Nov 4-115, 20182019''' in San Francisco, CA.More details to come over the summer (July), but start making plans to be there!
===Talks: Day 1=== {| class="wikitable"|-!Title!!Speaker!!Company!!Slides!!Video|-|State of the Union||Matt Ahrens||Delphix||See [ slides]||[ video]OpenZFS Developer Summit 2018|-|ZIO Pipeline Explained||George Wilson||Delphix||[ slidesOpenZFS Developer Summit]||[ video]|-|[[zrepl]], a one-stop ZFS replication solution||Christian Schwarz||Student||[ slides]||[ video]|-|[[Observing and Monitoring ZFS Metrics Using Open Source Tools]]||Richard Elling||Newisys||[ slides]||[ video]|-|[[Managing ZVOLs with vzvol]]||Rainbow||Moogsoft||[ slides]||[ video]|-|Hackathon Info|| Serapheim Dimitropoulos & Sara Hartse ||||[ slides]||[ video]|-|[[ZFS Hardware Acceleration with QAT]]||Weigang Li||Intel||[ slides]||[ video]|-|ZoL Releases||Tony Hutter||LLNL||[ slides]||[ video]|-|Device Removal||Matt Ahrens||Delphix||[ slides]||[ video]|-|[[iRAID]]||Shailendra Tripathi||Tegile, a Western Digital Brand||[ slides]||[ video]|} ===Talks: Day 2=== The bulk of this day will be spent on the hackathon but in the morning we'll have a few shorter to access talks and discussions, around 10-20 minutes each: {| class="wikitable"|-!Title!!Speaker!!Company!!Slides!!Video|-|[[Log Spacemap: Flushing algorithm and performance]]|| Serapheim Dimitropoulos ||Delphix||[ slides]||[ video]|-|[[DRAID Rebuild Performance]]||Carles Mateo||Newisys||[ slides]||[ video]|-|Send Dedup||Paul Dagnelie||Delphix||[ slides]||[ video]|-|Allocation Classes||Don Brady||Delphix||[ slides]||[ video]|-|[[Vdev Properties]]||Allan Jude||Klara Systems||[ slides]||[ video]|} ===Hackathon=== Hackathon presentation [ video] Audience Choice Awards: {| class="wikitable"!Prize!!Project!!Participants|-|1st place||zpool status in color / 🔥|| Tony Hutter|-|2nd place||vdev properties||Pavel Zahkarov, Allan Jude, Brian Behlendorf, and others|-|3rd place|| Newcomer track; how to ask for money; AND setting props videos from channel progs ||Sara Hartse|} ===Diamond Sponsors=== <div><ul> <li style="display: inline-block; padding: 20px; padding-bottom: 28px;"> [[File: Datto_logo_2015last year's conference.jpg|80x80px|link= | right | datto ]] </li><li style="display: inline-block; padding: 20px; padding-bottom: 28px;"> [[File: Delphix logo.png|170x150px|link= | right | Delphix]] </li><li style="display: inline-block; padding: 20px; padding-bottom: 15px;">[[File: OsNexus.png|180x180px|link= | right | OSNEXUS ]] </li></ul></div> ===Platinum Sponsors=== <div><ul> <li style="display: inline-block; padding: 20px; padding-bottom: 15px;"> [[File:Newisys_Logo.png|200x200px|link= | right | Newisys]] </li></ul></div>
== Automated Testing ==

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