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OpenZFS Developer Summit 2018 <-- click for more info
== [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 2018]] <-- click for more info ==
The sixth annual [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 2018|OpenZFS Developer Summit]] is being planned, and will be held '''September 10-11, 2018''' in San Francisco. You can register for the event on [ EventBrite]. ===Talks: Day 1=== {| class="wikitable"|-!Title!!Speaker!!Company|-|State of the Union||Matt Ahrens||Delphix|-|ZIO Pipeline||George Wilson||Delphix|-|[[zrepl]], a one-stop ZFS replication solution||Christian Schwartz||Student|-|[[Observing and Monitoring ZFS Metrics Using Open Source Tools]]||Richard Elling||Newisys|-|[[Managing ZVOLs with vzvol]]||Samantha Smith||Moogsoft|-|[[ZFS Hardware Acceleration with QAT]]||Weigang Li||Intel|-|ZoL Releases||Tony Hutter||LLNL|-|Device Removal||Matt Ahrens||Delphix|-|[[iRAID]]||Shailendra Tripathi||Tegile, a Western Digital Brand|} ===Talks: Day 2=== The bulk of this day will be spent on the hackathon but in the morning we'll have a few shorter talks and discussions, around 10-20 minutes each: {| class="wikitable"|-!Title!!Speaker!!Company|-|[[Log Spacemap: Flushing algorithm and performance]]|| Serapheim Dimitropoulos ||Delphix|-|[[DRAID Rebuild Performance]]||Carles Mateo||Newisys|-|Send Dedup||Paul Dagnelie||Delphix|-|Allocation Classes||Don Brady||Delphix|-|[[Vdev Properties]]||Allan Jude|||} 
You can see details about last year's conference on the [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 2017|OpenZFS Developer Summit 2017]] page
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