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Fix remark on M.2 SSD data buses to acknowledge SATA versions exist.
As of 2014, Solid state storage is dominated by NAND-flash and most articles on solid state storage focus on it exclusively. As of 2014, the most popular form of flash storage used with ZFS involve drives with SATA interfaces. Enterprise models with SAS interfaces are beginning to become available.
As of 2017, Solid state storage using NAND-flash with PCI-E interfaces are widely available on the market. They are predominantly enterprise drives that utilize a NVMe interface that has lower overhead than the ATA used in SATA or SCSI used in SAS. There is also an interface known as M.2 that is primarily used by consumer SSDs, although not necessarily limited to them. It can provide electrical connectivity for multiple buses, although such as SATA, PCI-E and USB. M.2 SSDs appear to exclusively utilize PCI-E over M.2use either SATA or NVME.
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