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Performance tuning

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Dataset recordsize
ZFS datasets use an internal recordsize of 128KB by default. The dataset recordsize is the basic unit of data used for internal copy-on-write on files. Partial record writes require that data be read from either ARC (cheap) or disk (expensive). recordsize can be set to any power of 2 from 512 bytes to 128 kilobytes. Software that writes in fixed record sizes (e.g. databases) will benefit from the use of a matching recordsize.
Changing the recordsize on a dataset will only take effect for new files. If you change the recordsize because your application should perform better with a different one, you will need to recreate its files. A cp followed by a mv on each file is sufficient. Alternatively, send/recv should recreate the files with the correct recordsize when received into a fresh datasetfull receive is done.
=== zvol volblocksize ===

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