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OpenZFS Office Hours

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An opportunity to chat live with a ZFS expert (usually a developer) about their work. Depending on who shows up, it could be an interview, a lecture on ZFS internals, or a discussion of how to get the best performance from ZFS in a particular situation.
== Upcoming event ==
Host will be Justin Gibbs, ZFS developer working for Spectra Logic on the FreeBSD platform.
Join by clicking [ AP36tYfW4J2Ht9Y1zKtsZ6IzajdVPD74JdriYSbwajrhRa51Wayw2g this g+ hangout link], [ mS4bfbEq46I this youtube link] or embedded video below, or [ #openzfs ] on IRC.
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== Previous event ==
Office Hours Hour with Brian Behlendorf Justin Gibbs was held on January 29thApril 2, 20142015.
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== Future events ==
Next event scheduled for April 2nd at 9AM PDT 12PM EDT 4PM GMT
Host will be Justin Gibbs
Ask questions, or just listen.
Future hosts will include:
| Justin Gibbs
| 9AM-10AM PDT ([ 16:00 UTC]), April 2, 2015
| [ g+ hangout] or [https YouTubemS4bfbEq46I video]
== Participation ==
* '''use the links in the event listing''' above to join the specific Hangout you or YouTube live, any time before the event.
You can participate using the following technologies. :
=== Google+ ===
* works even on FreeBSD and Solaris
* ask questions via IRC
* thirty second delay.
=== IRC ===
Ask questions on [irc:// #openzfs] on freenode ([ web interface]).
View and hear answers via YouTube or the hangout; the host probably won't have time to type out responses.

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