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OpenZFS Office Hours

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An opportunity to chat live with a ZFS expert (usually a developer) about their work. Depending on who shows up, it could be an interview, a lecture on ZFS internals, or a discussion of how to get the best performance from ZFS in a particular situation.
== Upcoming event ==
Next event scheduled for April 2nd at 9AM PDT 12PM EDT 4PM GMT
Host will be Justin Gibbs, ZFS developer working for Spectra Logic on the FreeBSD platform.
Join by clicking [ this g+ hangout link],
[ this youtube link] or embedded video below, or [ #openzfs] on IRC.
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== Previous event ==
Office Hours Hour with Brian Behlendorf Justin Gibbs was held on January 29thApril 2, 20142015.
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| [[User:mahrens | Matt Ahrens]]
| October 11, 2013
| [ &list=PLaUVvul17xSegxJjny2Gz85IgIyq9wu8n video]
| Everything OpenZFS
| [[User:gwilson | George Wilson]]
| December 12, 2013
| [ &list=PLaUVvul17xSegxJjny2Gz85IgIyq9wu8n video]
| ZFS on Linux
| [[User:behlendorf | Brian Behlendorf]]
| January 29th, 2014| [ video]|-| Everything OpenZFS| Justin Gibbs| 9AM-10AM PST 10AM PDT ([ 1716:00 UTC]), January 29thApril 2, 20142015| [ g+ hangout], [ YouTube], and [ IRCmS4bfbEq46I video]
== Participation ==
* '''use the links in the event listing''' above to join the specific Hangout and or YouTube live, any time before the event.
You can participate using the following technologies. :
=== Google+ ===
* works even on FreeBSD and Solaris
* ask questions via IRC
* thirty second delay.
=== IRC ===
Ask questions on [irc:// #openzfs] on freenode ([ web interface]).
View and hear answers via YouTube or the hangout; the host probably won't have time to type out responses.

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