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OpenZFS Developer Summit

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Discussion Topics
* Disk management - identification, drive spin down/up (John L)
* Resumable send/recv (Boris, Max G, Chris)
Topics that were discussed:
* Platform Panel (w/ representatives from illumos, FreeBSD, Linux, and OSX)
* Platform-independent code repository (Matt Ahrens)
* Storage tiering (Boris Protopopov)
* Vendor Panel (all represented companies sharing their work)
* Community planning (Karyn Ritter)
* Channel programs (Chris Siden & Max Grossman)
* Test coverage (John Kennedy)
* Performance investigations (Adam Leventhal)
* Performance on full/fragmented pools (George Wilson)
* Scalability (Kirill Davydychev)
* Virtual memory interactions (Brian Behlendorf)
* Multi tenancy (Rob Mustacchi)
* Examining on-disk format (Max Bruning)
== Hackathon ==

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