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The first OpenZFS Developer Summit was held November 18-19, 2013. The goals of the event were:

  • to foster cross-platform community discussions of OpenZFS work
  • to make progress on some of the projects proposed for this community.

Video recordings of the presentations are in the OpenZFS channel on YouTube.

Topics that were discussed

Title Speaker Slides Video
Introduction Matt Ahrens slides video
Platform Panel Brian Behlendorf, Jorgen Lundman, Chris Siden, Xin Li - video
Platform-independent code repository Matt Ahrens slides video
Storage Tiering Boris Protopopov slides video
Vendor Lightning Talks representatives from each participating company - video
Community Planning Karyn Ritter slides video
Channel Programs Chris Siden, Max Grossman slides video
Test Coverage John Kennedy slides video
Performance Investigation Adam Leventhal slides video
Performance on full & fragmented pools George Wilson slides video
Scalability Kirill Davydychev - video
Virtual Memory Interactions Brian Behlendorf - video
Multi Tenancy Rob Mustacchi - video
Examining On-disk Format Max Bruning - video

Hackathon projects

These projects were worked on at the hackathon:

  • Testrunner suite running on other platforms: linux, freebsd (+ illumos libzpool)
    • John Kennedy, Steven Burgess, Ned Bass, Tony Nguyen, Kirill Davydychev, Matt Ahrens
    • Got several tests running on Linux
      • "it's a giant hack" -- lots of work needed to get this to integration quality
    • Got several tests running against libzpool on illumos (using userland ioctl shim)
  • channel programs: pass instruction stream into kernel
    • Chris Siden, Max Grossman, Alex Reece
    • See project page, slides and video describing project
    • Got snapshotting via a Lua program working all the way through the stack
  • ZFS send progress reporting with "set proc title"
    • Xin Li
    • Finished and sent for code review on FreeBSD
    • "ps" and "top" can display zfs send progress: "sending pool/fs@snap X MB done (24%)"
    • small amount of work needed to hook into title-updating routines on Linux and illumos
  • dedicated kmem_cache for dedup table entries
    • John Layman, Matt Youds, Kirill
    • goals: increase diagnosability, reduce memory consumption
    • Finished this and also added kmem_cache for l2arc header
  • larger (1MB) blocksize
    • Brian Behlendorf
    • Got it working, can set recordsize property to 1MB!
    • Next steps: performance investigation, thorough review of all uses of SPA_MAXBLOCKSIZE
  • compressed ARC
    • George Wilson, Rob Mustacchi
    • got it working! (modulo some refcount bugs)
    • Next steps: figure out better policy for when to compress/uncompress
  • upstreaming dbuf_user & dbuf state machine (spectra DMU changes)
    • Justin Gibbs, Tony Nguyen, Boris Protopopov
    • Lots of progress, got it compiling against latest illumos code and passes several tests
  • limit DDT size
    • Sanjeev Bagewadi, Prashanth Sreenivasa
    • got it sort of working w/ limit set by global tunable
  • onexit for osx
    • Jorgen Lundman
    • pretty annoying to implement since OSX doesn't give much visibility into file handles, vnodes, or device handles

Event Planning Info

See OpenZFS Developer Summit 2013 planning

A huge THANK YOU to the sponsors of the 2013 Developer Summit:

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