DRAID Rebuild Performance

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Talk by Carles Mateo at OpenZFS Developer Summit 2018:

DRAID Rebuild Performance

The Declustered RAID implementation, is a Work in Progress in ZoL, however in my Department I wanted to see how far can this technology can go.

We benchmarked Rebuilding times for different drives size, i.e. 4TB, 10TB, for different stripe geometry (2D+1/2/3P, 4D+1/2/3P, 8D+1/2/3P, 16D+1/2/3P, 10D+1/2/3P, 22D+1/2/3P).

As DRAID benefits from the aggregate bandwidth coming from using many Hard Drives at the same time, we benchmarked in our systems with 62, and 96 drives, using SAS drives and SSD. and using several HBAs on the system to maximize bandwidth.