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The following companies have built products of which OpenZFS is an integral part.

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AWS logo RGB.png Amazon FSx for OpenZFS is an AWS service that provides fully managed shared file storage built on the OpenZFS file system, powered by the AWS Graviton family of processors, and accessible via the NFS protocol (v3, v4, v4.1, v4.2).
Datto logo 7692 cmyk.png At datto, we use OpenZFS to store system backups for later virtualization. Its copy on write and compression mechanics allow us to make the most of our storage. With clones we can quickly and efficiently spin up virtual instances of the backed up machines. Error detection and correction ensures safe data transfer, even though the mail.
Ddrdrive logo dev 2013.png DDRdrive exclusively targets OpenZFS Intent Log (ZIL) acceleration with the DDRdrive X1, a PCI Express plug-in card powered by a dedicated SuperCap PowerPack. The X1 is designed with a unique write optimized architecture featuring the superior speed, reliability, and longevity of DRAM combined with the non-volatility of SLC Flash. By integrating the normally separate functionality of both an HBA and SSD the X1 delivers extremely low latency allowing exceptional IOPS performance. The DDRdrive X1 is "The drive for speed."
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The Delphix Engine allows companies to create up-to-the-minute copies of production databases: making it easier to backup and upgrade databases as well as develop applications. The Delphix Engine uses ZFS cloning and compression to minimize the storage footprint of these virtual databases.
Fractalio-web.jpeg Fractalio Data, based in Bangalore, India, offers modular, unified & scale-out data storage systems that are architected for performance, reliability, fault resilience, scalability and affordability. Our IntegralStor platform, available software-only or as a fully configured appliance, is currently shipping in two versions: UNICell for unified single-node storage & GRIDCell for scale-out storage (currently integrated with Gluster for unified namespace).
Fudo-security.png Fudo Security is a leading developer of innovative IT security solutions, specializing in privileged access management, and monitoring access to corporate networks. Our product – FUDO PAM – is build on top of FreeBSD and ZFS. We take advantage of many excellent ZFS features, including RAID-Z2 for reliability, transparent compression, snapshots for data distribution across FUDO cluster and SHA256 checksumming for integrity verification along with FreeBSD/GELI block-level data encryption. Pawel Jakub Dawidek (CTO) ported ZFS to FreeBSD.
GMO logo.jpg GMO Internet is an Internet infrastructure company, with branches in Internet service providing, web and service hosting, cloud computing, and mobile development based in Japan. Deploying ZFS in the Internet Service Provider sections, including back-end storage, to front-end clustered servers. With services starting from shared hosting to full virtual machines.
GL SAN Logo long white s.png Great Lakes SAN builds a storage platform on top of ZFS and FreeBSD®. The system is a turn-key appliance which is deployed to our clients as a managed data storage solution. We provide an on-site data storage appliance, off-site disaster recovery, monitoring, maintainance, and management while providing both block and file storage services direct to our clients.
HELiOS-logo.png HELiOS (Healthcare Enterprise Linux Operating System) is the standard Linux operating system used within GE Healthcare
HPE logo.png Hewlett Packard Enterprise uses OpenZFS as the backend file system for the parallel file System Lustre in the flagship supercomputing storage system Cray ClusterStor E1000, when customers want OpenZFS features such as integrity checking and snapshots in the Cray ClusterStor E1000 storage system. All announced exascale supercomputers in the United States will use this winning combination.
New hac logo.jpg High-Availability's flagship product, RSF-1, brings advanced HA (High Availability) features to ZFS providing a more resilient and robust storage offering tolerant to system failures. Active/Active and Active/Passive configurations are supported. As well as providing core ZFS HA and failover capability to ensure availability in the event of failure. RSF-1 also brings ring-fencing mechanisms to protect multi-tenanted storage devices, orchestrates the seamless failover of COMSTAR and ALUA targets, and manages virtual network access (views) to the data.
Ix 2022-logo.png iXsystems is the industry leader in servers and storage built for enterprise open-source environments. All of our products are assembled, tested, and shipped from company headquarters in Silicon Valley, and technical support is provided in-house by the same engineers that build the systems. iXsystems champions the cause of open source technology by dedicating extensive resources to several FreeBSD community projects: FreeNAS®, PC-BSD®, FreeBSD, TrueOS®, and OpenZFS.
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Joyent provides Compute and Manta Storage services in addition to the Joyent Private Cloud: a complete cloud management solution. Joyent designs and drives innovation on SmartOS, the world's most advanced operating system. It combines four technologies into a single operating system, providing superior visibility, multi-tenancy, storage, performance and security for enterprises seeking greater scalability and performance from their servers.
Logo LLNL.png Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory use OpenZFS and the high-performance Lustre® parallel file system to store the vast quantities of simulation data produced by some of the largest supercomputers in the world.
MyNAS Storage Appliance Logo.jpg MyNAS® Storage Appliance uses OpenZFS features such as integrity checking, compression, and at-rest data encryption to provide a robust and secure NAS storage platform. Data can be seamlessly accessed from Windows, OSX or Unix systems, or carved out data volumes via iSCSI. MyNAS Storage Appliance also integrates with Cloud Replication Partners such as Amazon S3, Google Storage, Google Drive, Dropbox and ownCloud.
Napp-it.png Napp-it is the leading webbased ZFS storage appliance software for Oracle Solaris and the OpenSource Solaris forks like OmniOS or OpenIndiana. Napp-it is available in a free edition without a capacity limit that can be used commercially and a Pro edition with more features, grouping and clustering options, a security or tuning panel, appliance maps with disk detection, bugfix support or bundling and OEM options.
Nexenta logo.jpg
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Nexenta Systems is the world’s leading provider of Software-defined Storage solutions. The company’s flagship software platform, NexentaStor, delivers high-performance, ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage solutions worldwide and is based on ZFS technology.
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OmniOS builds on illumos to make a complete operating system, providing users with a familiar, installable operating system with a minimal package set to ease regulatory compliance. It delivers a self-hosting environment with simplified processes for ongoing maintenance and up-to-date third-party software.
OpenDrives 2022 Logo.svg OpenDrives OpenDrives manufactures ultra-high-performance enterprise data storage for high-bandwidth, low-latency workflows. With a focus on increasing performance and reducing costs, OpenDrives creates significant competitive advantages for customers. By delivering enterprise software features and performance at a price that makes sense, OpenDrives empowers many of the world's largest companies to discover new efficiencies in their workflows and business models.
Open-E-Logo.png Open-E is a pioneering leader and developer of data storage management software. Its flagship product Open-E JovianDSS is a ZFS- and Linux-based software-defined storage application designed for businesses of any size. It is a robust, award-winning storage product which offers excellent compatibility with industry standards, highest reliability, scalability and security with On- & Off-site Data Protection backups, and high availability clustering.
OsNexus.png OSNEXUS is a leading provider of enterprise SAN/NAS Software Defined Storage solutions with the QuantaStor platform which integrates with OpenZFS (ZFS on Linux). QuantaStor simplifies storage management for IT administrators though unique scale-out management technology (QuantaGrid) which makes it easy to manage groups of appliances within the data-center and across sites. QuantaStor also integrates with GlusterFS to provide the combined power of OpenZFS with scale-out NAS capabilities.
OVH-logo.png OVH is a leading, global, hyper-scale provider that has vertical integration to provide maximum performance and value for customers. With products that focus on dedicated servers, private and public cloud, OVH is expanding to bring world class solutions that deliver the best power, portability and price to customers of all sizes.
Pogolinux logo.png Founded in 1999, Pogo Linux is a leading integrator of ZFS-based software defined storage solutions with extensive ZFS deployment experience. Pogo has provided complete, cost-effective open storage solutions for organizations in education, government, and a variety of other industries, to meet their growing storage needs. Pogo also is well-known for consistently keeping customers up and running with their expert personal support program, PogoComplete™.
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Proxmox Server Solutions develops powerful, enterprise-ready open-source products. ZFS is one of the filesystems integrated in Proxmox Virtual Environment, a server virtualization platform enabling easy management of virtual machines and containers, software-defined storage and networking, and HA clustering. Proxmox Backup Server is an enterprise-class, deduplicating client-server backup software that backups virtual machines, containers, and physical hosts, which comes with server-side ZFS support out of the box.
Racktop 2022 300px.png RackTop Systems has led a transformative approach to data protection by creating Cyberstorage that aligns with a new era of data-driven cyber attacks. Engineered by U.S. Intelligence Community veterans, RackTop’s best-in-class BrickStor security solution follows a data-centric Zero Trust model that empowers the public and private sector to safeguard their sensitive unstructured data from the escalating presence of ransomware, insider threats, and nation state-sponsored cyberattacks.
RawDR med black 150px.png RawDR is a free enterprise solution for setting up a high available software defined storage on top of Freebsd and OpenZFS. RawDR consists of a GUI, Control Daemons and virtual appliances for common hypervisors. It is the easiest way to master the most reliable technologies for storage without the need to ever login to a shell.
Rsynclogo.png provides cloud storage for offsite backup. Our customers are given an empty ZFS fileystem that an be accessed with any SSH tool. Optionally, customers are given their own zpool that enables them to "zfs send to the cloud". We can immediately provide petabyte scale offsite backup at gigabit WAN speeds.
SoftNASlogo.png SoftNAS, LLC is a cloud storage software company dedicated to providing reliable, flexible, and affordable mission critical data protection for all businesses in the public, on-premise private, or hybrid cloud. At SoftNAS, we're passionate about driving the evolution of cloud storage to give customers high performing NAS features that are also quick and easy to configure, simple to manage, and available on-demand with transparent pricing. SoftNAS leverages ZFS as the file system for its data integrity to provide snapshots, compression, deduplication, and caching.
SpectraLogicLogo.jpg Spectra Logic is a manufacturer of deep storage systems for cost effective, long-term data storage on disk and tape. Spectra® focuses on architecting products that are reliable, cost effective and supportable for years into the future to accommodate the needs of the long-term data retention market. Spectra uses OpenZFS as a key product building block in our high data integrity, easily managed file storage solutions.
Syneto.svg Syneto Storage OS, built on Illumos, and leveraging the OpenZFS technology delivers on/off site Disaster Recovery and Active-Active High Availability. Further, KVM integration grants user’s the ability to create and host, on-appliance, local virtual machines. Storage OS’s signature qualities are a very easy to use interface, designed with the user in mind and vigilant technical support.
Zetta-icon-300x300.png ZettaLane Systems provides Linux based software defined NAS on cloud and on-premises using ZFS storage software platform with high-availability in dual node configuration. Also provides robust shared block storage using iSCSI and NVMe Fabrics. ZettaLane uses its own port of ZFS from illumos-gate on Linux.
Zetavault-1000px.png Zetavault is a ZFS based storage software platform with enterprise class features which allows you to turn commodity hardware into centralized data storage servers at significant cost savings. We specialize in high availability ZFS.

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