Working Group and Code of Conduct Mechanics

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Working Group and Code of Conduct Mechanics

This page describes how the Working Group will operate and how the Code of Conduct will be managed over time.

Code of Conduct

Initial Adoption / Review Process

The Code of Conduct text was based heavily on text from many existing communities, and several key members of the community provided additional input on the text before it was publicly published.

There was a 1-week community comment period before the Code of Conduct took effect, and there will be a 1-week community comment period before any changes are made in the future. As with any process where input comes from the entire community, there are bound to be conflicting ideas proposed. The Working Group (described below) will consider community input and decide which changes should be made to the Code of Conduct text.

Revision Policy / Process

One thing we can be sure of is that the community needs will change over time, and the Code of Conduct must evolve to keep up with these changing needs and views. The Working Group will review the Code of Conduct:

  • on an annual basis, and make updates as needed based on the latest thinking for community behavior and
  • as the need arises, the Working Group will make changes based on new information and community needs.

As previously mentioned, all changes will be sent to the community for a 1-week comment period before being committed to the public text.

Updates to Code of Conduct Text

The Code of Conduct resides on the website, and is in effect as of April 30, 2019. Only active Working Group members have write access to the Code of Conduct page. Interested community members can comment, get updates when changes are made, and can see the changes in the page history. Working Group members will make periodic updates to the Code of Conduct, based on the revision policy above.

The Code of Conduct text will be reviewed annually by the Working Group each Fall, and there will be a 1-week community comment period before modifications take effect. Suggestions to improve the Code of Conduct can be sent to the Working Group ( at any time. Suggestions will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Working Group Operations

Current Working Group Members

The current Working Group members (last updated November 2021) are:

  • Matt Ahrens,
  • Joshua Clulow,
  • Karyn Ritter,

Working Group Membership Management


There must be at least 2 members of the Code of Conduct Working Group participating in reviewing any reported incidents. In addition, there must always be at least 2 members on the Working Group at all times.

Membership Changes

Responding to Code of Conduct violations can take a heavy toll on Working Group members, so we should anticipate that members will want to rotate out of the Working Group periodically. It is always better to maintain some consistency and not have all Working Group members change at once, but it is most important to have Working Group members who are able to fulfill the needs of the community.

Each Fall, the Working Group will post a call for new member nominations to During the nomination period, the community can nominate new members for the Working Group, and the current Working Group members will decide on new membership. As much as possible, the Working Group will attempt to have Working Group members with a variety of backgrounds, particularly trying to recruit members of underrepresented groups within the community.

As needed, there will be interim appointments to the Working Group if a member leaves the Working Group before the nomination period. If that does happen, the remaining Working Group members will ask the community for nominations, and will likely talk to leaders within the community about joining the Working Group. Again, the remaining Working Group members will decide who will join the Working Group.

Code of Conduct Training

Each member of the Working Group will be trained on how to review, investigate, and respond to issues reported to the Working Group.

Additional Information about the Code of Conduct


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