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Matt Ahrens and George Wilson gave a talk on [ OpenZFS Basics] at SCALE16x, March 2018. [ Slides]
== [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 20172018]] <-- click for more info ==
The fifth sixth annual [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 20172018|OpenZFS Developer Summit]] was held in San Franciscois being planned, and will be the week of '''October 24-25thSeptember 10, 20172018'''in San Francisco. Watch this space for more details.
You can see details about last year'''Talks: Day 1''' - Main talks, typically 45 minutes each. {| class="wikitable"|-!Title!!Speaker!!Company!!Video!!Slides|-|State of s conference on the Union||Matt Ahrens||Delphix || [ Video] || [ Slides]OpenZFS Developer Summit 2017|-|Keynote: ZFS Past & Future||Mark Maybee||Oracle || [ VideoOpenZFS Developer Summit 2017] || [ Slides]|-|ZSTD Compression||Allan Jude||ScaleEngine||[ Video]||[[Media:03-OpenZFS_2017_-_ZStandard_in_ZFS.pdf|Slides]]|-|Fast Clone Deletion||Sara Hartse||Delphix||[ Video]||[[Media:04-Fast_Clone_Deletion.pdf|Slides]]|-|MMP: Safe "zpool import" for Clusters||Olaf Faaland||LLNL||[ Video]||[ Slides]|-|Porting With OSX||Jorgen Lundman||GMO ||[ Video]||[[Media:06-Porting_with_OSX.pdf|Slides]]|-|Faster Allocation with the Log Spacemap||Serapheim Dimitropoulos||Delphix || [ Video]|| [ Slides]|-|[[iFlash | iFlash: Dynamic Adaptive L2ARC Caching]]||Shailendra Tripathi||Tegile || [ Video]|| [[Media:08-iFlash.pdf|Slides]]|-|DRAID||Isaac Huang||Intel||[ Video]||[[Media:09-dRAID.pdf|Slides]]|-|ZIL Performance: How I Doubled Sync Write Speed||Prakash Surya||Delphix||[ Video]||[[Media:10-ZIL_performance.pdf|Slides]]|} '''Talks: Day 2''' - Shorter talks, around 15 minutes each. {| class="wikitable"|-!Title!!Speaker!!Company!!Video!!Slides|-|"Oh Shift!" changing the allocation size||George Wilson||Delphix||[ Video]|| [ Slides]|-|A proposal for 1,000x better dedup performance||Matt Ahrens||Delphix||[ Video]||[[Media:ZFS_dedup.pdf | Slides]]|-|New prefetcher for sequential scrub||Tom Caputi||Datto||[ Video]||[[Media:New_Scrub_Prefetcher.pdf | Slides]]|-|Storage Pool Checkpoint||Serapheim Dimitropoulos||Delphix||[ Video]||[[Media:Storage_Pool_Checkpoint.pdf | Slides]]|-|Improving resilver: results & operational impacts||Saso Kiselkov||Nexenta||[ Video]||[[Media:Saso_-_resilver_update.pdf | Slides]]|-|RAID-Z Expansion||Matt Ahrens||Delphix + FreeBSD Foundation||[ Video]||[[Media:RAIDZ_Expansion_v2.pdf | Slides]]|}page
== Goals ==

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