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Hardware that adheres to this guidance will enable ZFS to reach its full potential for performance and reliability. Hardware that does not adhere to it will serve as a handicap. Unless otherwise stated, such handicaps apply to all storage stacks and are by no means specific to ZFS. Systems built using competing storage stacks will also benefit from these suggestions.
= BIOS / CPU microcode updates =
Running the latest BIOS and CPU microcode is highly recommended.
== Background ==
Computer microprocessors are very complex designs that often have bugs, which are called errata. Modern microprocessors are designed to utilize microcode. This puts part of the hardware design into quasi-software that can be patched without replacing the entire chip. Errata are often resolved through CPU microcode updates. These are often bundled in BIOS updates. In some cases, the BIOS interactions with the CPU through machine registers can be modified to fix things with the same microcode. If a newer microcode is not bundled as part of a BIOS update, it can often be loaded by the operating system bootloader or the operating system itself.
= ECC Memory =

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