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Inter-platform coordination

Ideas for projects that would help coordinate changes between platforms:

  • Mechanism for pull changes from one place to another
    • Make it easier to build, test, code review, and integrate ZFS changes into illumos
  • Cross-Platform Test Suite
    • One sourcebase rather than porting STF to every platform?
    • Maybe integrate XFS Test Suite
  • Userland ZFS
    • we already have ztest / libzpool
    • want to expand this to also be able to test more of zfs in userland
    • want to be able to run /sbin/zfs, /sbin/zpool against userland implementation
    • want to be able to run most of testrunner (and/or STF) test suite against userland implementation
  • ZFS (ZPL) Version Feature Flags
    • Import ZFS on Linux sa=xattr into Illumos
  • /dev/zfs ioctl interface versioning
    • Ensure that future additions/changes to the interface maintain maximum compatibility with userland tools
    • Enable FreeBSD Linux jails / Illumos lx brandz to use ZFS on Linux utilities
  • Port ZPIOS [1] to Illumos from ZFS on Linux
    • This requires a rewrite to stop using Linux interfaces.
  • Virtual machine images with OpenZFS (see discussion on talk page)
    • to easily try OpenZFS on a choice of distributions within a virtual machine
    • images could be built for running on public clouds
    • images for installing to real hardware:
      • Raspberry Pi ( ryao is working on this)
        • Based on ZFS on Linux, which already works on ARM
        • Some unresolved issues with running out of kernel virtual address space

General features

  • device removal
    • based on indirect vdevs, rather than bprewrite
  • resumable send/receive
    • work in progress at Delphix
  • Storage of small files in dnode
    • work in progress at Delphix
  • Reflink[2] support
  • Unified ashift handling [3]
  • Collapsible ZAP objects (e.g. fatzip -> microzap downgrades)
  • Raidz Hybrid Allocator (preferably compatible with pool version 29 for Solaris 10u11 compatibility)
  • 1MB blocksize (preferably compatible with pool version 32, as pool-feature-flag)
  • Replace larger ZIO caches with explicit pages.
    • Subproject: Document useful kernel interfaces for page manipulation on various platforms
  • Improved SPA namespace collision management
    • Mostly needed by virtual machine hosts
    • work in progress in Gentoo
    • Temporary pool names in zpool import [4]
    • Temporary pool names in zpool create
  • TRIM Support
    • Realtime TRIM
    • Freespace TRIM
      • Walk metaslab space maps and issue discard commands to the vdevs.
  • Platform agnostic encryption support (preferably compatible with pool version 30, as pool-feature-flag)
    • The early ZFS encryption code published in the zfs-crypto repository of could be a starting point. A copy is available from Richard Yao upon request.
  • [Channel Programs]

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