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An opportunity to chat live with a ZFS expert (usually a developer) about their work. Depending on who shows up, it could be an interview, a lecture on ZFS internals, or a discussion of how to get the best performance from ZFS in a particular situation.

Most recent event

Office Hours with George Wilson was held on December 12th. You can view the recording on YouTube or in the embedded viewer below:

Future events

Hosts will include:

Event listing

Topic Speakers Date and time Venue
Everything OpenZFS Matt Ahrens October 11, 2013 video
Everything OpenZFS George Wilson 9AM-10AM PST (17:00 UTC), December 12, 2013 video


Fifteen minutes before each event:

  • this webpage will be updated with the specific Hangout and YouTube URLs.

You can participate using the following technologies.


Google+ Hangouts On Air require:

  • a Google+ account
  • a browser plug-in (works on Mac, Windows, and Linux), or iOS or Android app

This is the preferred option; latency will be lowest and you can interact via voice, video, and text.


View and hear the conversation live

  • works even on FreeBSD and Solaris
  • ask questions via IRC
  • thirty second delay.


Ask questions on #openzfs on freenode (web interface).

View and hear answers via YouTube or the hangout; the host probably won't have time to type out responses.