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OpenZFS Dev Summit 2022

Come join us for our eleventh annual OpenZFS Developer Summit. This in-person event will be held in San Francisco Oct 16-17 (Mon-Tue), 2023.

As in the past, there will be a day of talks related to OpenZFS and how it's used by our partner companies, a hackathon, and lots of time for socializing with OpenZFS community members.

This will be an in-person event, and we will not have any requirements related to COVID-19. It will be held at 731 Market St. 2nd Floor, San Francisco

Key Dates

Jul 31, 2023 Conference registration opens
Begin submitting Abstract / Presentation proposals by emailing
Sept 5, 2023 Abstract / Presentation proposal deadline
Sep 15, 2023 Selected speakers notified
Oct 16-17, 2023 Conference


Title Speaker Company
Dedup Performance Allan Jude Klara Systems
OpenZFS at scale: learning, challenges, and awesome customers Sam Atkinson AWS
Idmapped Mount Support in ZFS and its Application Youzhong Yang MathWorks
Shared Log Pool Paul Dagnelie Delphix
RAIDZ Expansion Matt Ahrens; Don Brady Delphix, FreeBSD Foundation; iXsystems
Z.I.A. Accelerates ZFS Compression, Checksumming, and RAIDZ Jason Lee Los Alamos National Labs


Please email for details.

Thanks to our

Diamond Sponsors

  • Delphix

Gold Sponsors

  • Klara Systems

Silver Sponsors

  • FreeBSD Foundation
  • Syneto

Bronze Sponsors

  • iXsystems
  • Community Volunteers

    Thanks so much to Aaron Holding for once again designing the event logo!

    Code of Conduct

    The OpenZFS community values respectful, welcoming behavior towards everyone. This enables our members to thrive and contribute, and encourages new participants to join our event . The OpenZFS Code of Conduct applies to attendees, speakers, sponsors, vendors, and staff of this event, and will be enforced by staff members throughout the event.

    Participants asked to stop inappropriate behavior are expected to comply immediately or be expelled from the conference at the discretion of the conference organizers.

    To report a violation of the code of conduct, take one of the following actions:

    Diversity Charter

    OpenZFS supports the Diversity Charter, and strives to improve the diversity of speakers and attendees at this event.

    Diversity Charter

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