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==Call for Presentations==
The first day of the conference will be set aside for presentations. If you would like to give a talk, submit a proposal via email to matt@mahrens.org, including a 1-2 paragraph abstract.
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We welcome proposals for any kinds of talks related to ZFS, and we are particularly interested in fostering a diverse group of speakers. In the past, the most popular talks have featured internal details of new or upcoming features in OpenZFS, and explanations of how existing subsystems work. Mentorship is available to help make your presentation the best it can be. This may be especially valuable if you're new to the OpenZFS community or new to giving talks at conferences.
|State of OpenZFS||Matt Ahrens||Delphix
|ZIL Performance Improvements for Fast Media||Saji Nair||Nutanix
|Sequential Reconstruction||Mark Maybee||Cray
|dRAID, Finally!||Mark Maybee||Cray
|Persistent L2ARC||George Amanakis||Independent
|ZFS Caching: How Big Is the ARC?||George Wilson || Delphix
|Improving “zfs diff” performance with reverse-name lookup|| Sanjeev Bagewadi & David Chen || Nutanix
|Send/Receive Performance Enhancements||Matt Ahrens ||Delphix
|Performance Troubleshooting Tools||Gaurav Kumar|| Nutanix
|Default-Compatible Pool Features|| Josh Paetzel||Panzura
|File Cloning with Block Reference Table||Pawel Dawidek||Fudo Security


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OpenZFS Dev Summit 2020

Thanks to our Diamond Sponsors

  • Delphix

The eighth annual OpenZFS Developer Summit is an online conference Oct 6-7 (Tue-Wed) over Zoom. Register on EventBrite

As with previous years: The goal of the event is to foster cross-community discussions of OpenZFS work and to make progress on some of the projects we have proposed. This 2-day event consists of a day of presentation and a 1-day hackathon.

Key Dates

Jun 23, 2020 Conference registration opens

Begin submitting Abstract / Presentation proposals
Aug 3, 2020 Abstract / Presentation proposal deadline
Aug 14, 2020 Selected speakers notified
Octoer 6-7 Conference, 9AM-5PM Pacific time


Title Speaker Company
State of OpenZFS Matt Ahrens Delphix
ZIL Performance Improvements for Fast Media Saji Nair Nutanix
Sequential Reconstruction Mark Maybee Cray
dRAID, Finally! Mark Maybee Cray
Persistent L2ARC George Amanakis Independent
ZFS Caching: How Big Is the ARC? George Wilson Delphix
Improving “zfs diff” performance with reverse-name lookup Sanjeev Bagewadi & David Chen Nutanix
Send/Receive Performance Enhancements Matt Ahrens Delphix
Performance Troubleshooting Tools Gaurav Kumar Nutanix
Default-Compatible Pool Features Josh Paetzel Panzura
File Cloning with Block Reference Table Pawel Dawidek Fudo Security


Please email victoria@vgfevents.com for details.

Diamond Sponsors

  • Delphix

Thanks to our Platinum Sponsors


Code of Conduct

The OpenZFS community values respectful, welcoming behavior towards everyone. This enables our members to thrive and contribute, and encourages new participants to join our event . The OpenZFS Code of Conduct applies to attendees, speakers, sponsors, vendors, and staff of this event, and will be enforced by staff members throughout the event.

Participants asked to stop inappropriate behavior are expected to comply immediately or be expelled from the conference at the discretion of the conference organizers.

To report a violation of the code of conduct, take one of the following actions:

Diversity Charter

OpenZFS supports the Diversity Charter, and strives to improve the diversity of speakers and attendees at this event.

Diversity Charter

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