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= OpenZFS Day 2013 =
{{:OpenZFS Developer Summit 2022}}
Delphix is hosting a developer-focused event for OpenZFS. The goal of the event is to foster cross-platform community discussions of OpenZFS work, and to make progress on some of the projects proposed for this community.
The high-level agenda is:
{|border="1" cellpadding="10"
|valign="top"|Monday, Nov 18
* Talks
* Breakout sessions
* Hackathon planning
* Beer bash
|Tuesday, Nov 19
|Hackathon (hopefully start work on some of the [[Projects]] the community has suggested)
== Location ==
The event will be in the San Francisco Bay Area. The specific location will depend on how many people plan to attend. The hope is that we can have it at the Delphix office in San Francisco. If it becomes too big, we'll have to reconsider and find a different location.
== Registration ==
Please contact [mailto:kritter@delphix.com kritter@delphix.com] if you plan to attend the event. If you would like to present and/or have suggestions for what should be presented, please include those details in your email.
'''Sign up cut off is: 11:59pm Pacific Time on Sunday, October 20, 2013'''. We need to have a cutoff date so that we can plan for a space that is large enough to accommodate everyone who wants to attend.
== Sponsors ==
Please contact [mailto:kritter@delphix.com kritter@delphix.com] if you'd like to be a sponsor of this event.
Watch this space!

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Conference Details

OpenZFS Dev Summit 2022

Mon, Oct 24

Tue, Oct 25

The tenth annual OpenZFS Developer Summit will be held in person, Oct 24-25 (Mon-Tue) in San Francisco.

Register via EventBrite

As with previous years: The goal of the event is to foster cross-community discussions of OpenZFS work and to make progress on some of the projects we have proposed. The first day of the conference will be held at the Childrens' Creativity Museum, and consist of presentations, followed by a reception. The second day of the conference will be held at a nearby office, and consist of a few presentations, and the bulk of the day will be spent on a hackathon, where you'll have a chance to work with other OpenZFS developers to improve the project.

In order to make the OpenZFS Dev Summit as safe as possible for the more vulnerable members of our community, we're requiring (and providing) masks and negative COVID tests during the event. Registered attendees will receive an email detailing testing requirements (managed and verified by a third-party company) prior to the conference.


Day 1

Time Duration Title Speaker Company
9:00 10 State of OpenZFS Matt Ahrens Delphix
9:10 50 Operating OpenZFS at scale Satabdi Das Amazon
10:00 20 Break
10:20 50 Block Cloning for OpenZFS Pawel Jakub Dawidek Fudo Security
11:10 60 Lunch
12:10 30 CHERI memory safety Brooks Davis SRI International
12:40 40 zvol performance Tony Hutter LLNL
1:50 50 Run ZFS in userland Ping Huang SmartX
2:40 30 Break
3:10 50 Refining OpenZFS compression Rich Ercolani Independent
4:00 30 Closing & walk to reception
4:30 2:00 Reception - Reception - The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant: 198 5th St (at Howard)

Day 2

Time Duration Title Speaker Company
9:00 10 Opening Matt Ahrens Delphix
9:10 30 Faster ZFS scrub and other improvements Alexander Motin iXsystems
9:40 30 Storage Multi-Tenancy For Containers Allan Jude Klara Systems
10:10 20 Shared L2ARC Christian Schwarz Nutanix
10:30 Hackathon
Hackathon presentations and awards


Please email victoria@vgfevents.com for details.

Thanks to our Sponsors

Diamond Sponsors

  • Delphix

Gold Sponsors

  • Amazon FSx for OpenZFS
  • iXsystems
  • RackTop Systems

Silver Sponsors

  • FreeBSD Foundation
  • OpenDrives

Community Volunteers

Thanks so much to Aaron Holding for once again designing the event logo!

Code of Conduct

The OpenZFS community values respectful, welcoming behavior towards everyone. This enables our members to thrive and contribute, and encourages new participants to join our event . The OpenZFS Code of Conduct applies to attendees, speakers, sponsors, vendors, and staff of this event, and will be enforced by staff members throughout the event.

Participants asked to stop inappropriate behavior are expected to comply immediately or be expelled from the conference at the discretion of the conference organizers.

To report a violation of the code of conduct, take one of the following actions:

Diversity Charter

OpenZFS supports the Diversity Charter, and strives to improve the diversity of speakers and attendees at this event.

Diversity Charter

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