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The April 2013 release of MacZFS is stable, but lacks the feature set that's associated with OpenZFS …

OpenZFS for OS X (ZFS-OSX)

ZFS-OSX brings OpenZFS features to MacZFS.

| OpenZFS for OS X is a well-developed alpha that is ready for testing by people who are happy to use Terminal. It's designed for use with Mac OS X 10.6 – OS X 10.9 (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks).

To begin testing the most recent build

ZeroBSD | OS X with ZFS offers an approach to obtaining the most recent code, building from that code and installing the built software.

To test without building

Disk images are ocasionally added to – aim for the most recent .dmg file. The image will contain built software – binaries, kernel extensions (KEXTs) and so on – that may be used with or without installation.

These images are not designed to include the most recent fixes or enhancements. If in doubt, please ask in IRC:

Suggested focus areas for testers

A ZFS file system for your home directory

  • where ~ is the root of that file system.

A ZFS file system containing multiple home directories.


ZFS-OSX is not yet feature-complete.

Alpha software should not be used with data that is of significant value. Be thorough with your backups and please remember that ZFS alone is not a substitute for a good backup strategy.

If you're limited to Leopard, or if you require the most stable MacZFS at this time, then instead of ZFS-OSX: consider relatively old version 74.3 of MacZFS.

If you normally use MacZFS 74.3 or ZEVO:

  • you must uninstall that software before testing ZFS-OSX
  • you must uninstall ZFS-OSX before reverting to ZEVO or MacZFS 74.3

– and a restart of the Mac may be recommended.