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OpenZFS is open-source storage software which encompasses the functionality of traditional filesystems, volume managers, and more. Our community brings together developers from the illumos, FreeBSD, Linux, and MacOS platforms, and a wide range of companies and organizations. By working together, we can continue making OpenZFS an outstanding storage platform, with consistent reliability and functionality across all distributions.

The main technical goal of the OpenZFS project is to make it easier to share changes to ZFS between platforms. We have a number of efforts toward this:

  • A platform-independent mailing list for ZFS developers to review ZFS code and architecture changes from all platforms.
  • Make it easy to run both ztest and the ZFS test suite (TestRunner or STF based) on every platform


Website info

This website is kindly hosted on hardware provided by, and software written by the nice folk at HybridCluster, which is a ZFS-powered hosting platform which provides HA and auto-scaling with container-based live-migration for LAMP apps on FreeBSD.