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== [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 2020]] ==
== [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 2022]] ==

The 2020 [[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2020 | OpenZFS Developer Conference]] was held October 6-7, as an online conference.
Announcing dates for 2022 OpenZFS Developer Summit, which well be held in person in San Francisco this year:

===Key Dates===
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{| class="wikitable"
| Jul 19, 2022 || Conference registration opens<br><br>Begin submitting Abstract / Presentation proposals
|State of OpenZFS||Matt Ahrens||Delphix||[https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1BiQLUL7gPabTPvLciLMIOTXiPvWgWKCen57LmJT5tgc/edit?usp=sharing Slides] [https://youtu.be/na3wwRPUamk Video]
| Aug 29, 2021 || Abstract / Presentation proposal deadline
|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2020_talks#ZFS_Caching:_How_Big_Is_the_ARC.3F_.28George_Wilson.29 | ZFS Caching: How Big Is the ARC?]]||George Wilson || Delphix || [https://drive.google.com/file/d/19th2JHeITp1Iefc-JffIDqn_4oy_JfVx/view?ts=5f7b7499 Slides] [https://youtu.be/3xKeUAmxvM8 Video]
| Sep 9, 2021 || Selected speakers notified
|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2020_talks#Persistent_L2ARC_.28George_Amanakis.29 | Persistent L2ARC]]||George Amanakis||Independent||[https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N4drzhggcbgVZ36y5HyNdDuOXTsye1N_/view?usp=sharing Slides] [https://youtu.be/e_vVy_3HgVw Video]
| '''Oct 24-25, 2022''' || '''Conference'''
|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2020_talks#ZIL_Design_Challenges_for_Fast_Media_.28Saji_Nair.29 | ZIL Performance Improvements for Fast Media]]||Saji Nair||Nutanix||[https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RqIteEdm_1O4xgT0FsMLK97AWMw2bpE-/view?usp=sharing Slides] [https://youtu.be/TnXwrigwF7I Video]
|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2020_talks#Sequential_Reconstruction_.28Mark_Maybee.29 | Sequential Reconstruction]]||Mark Maybee||Cray||[https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1vLsgQ1MaHlifw40C9R2sPsSiHiQpxglxMbK2SMthu0Q/edit?usp=sharing Slides] [https://youtu.be/Efl0Kv_hXwY Video]
|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2020_talks#dRAID.2C_Finally_.28With_a_New_Tile_Layout.29_.28Mark_Maybee.29 | dRAID, Finally!]]||Mark Maybee||Cray||[https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1uo0nBfY84HIhEqGWEx-Tbm8fPbJKtIP3ICo4toOPcJo/edit?usp=sharing Slides] [https://youtu.be/jdXOtEF6Fh0 Video]
|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2020_talks#Send.2FReceive_Performance_Enhancements_.28Matt_Ahrens.29 | Send/Receive Performance Enhancements]]||Matt Ahrens ||Delphix||[https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1HuKHawQbuetqpbwp4wmfm6Ozj-WYJpPa6QAxgDxLsgk/edit?usp=sharing Slides] [https://youtu.be/p9VHwuCRPes Video]
|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2020_talks#Improved_.E2.80.9Czfs_diff.E2.80.9D_performance_with_reverse-name_lookup_.28Sanjeev_Bagewadi_.26_David_Chen.29 | Improving “zfs diff” performance with reverse-name lookup]]|| Sanjeev Bagewadi & David Chen || Nutanix||[https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t9O_KXa5aXxUwfXG6DvIMIetCOHzdH0Q/view?usp=sharing Slides] [https://youtu.be/FjMdn4IXKXE Video]
|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2020_talks#Performance_Troubleshooting_.28Gaurav_Kumar.29 | Performance Troubleshooting Tools]]||Gaurav Kumar|| Nutanix||[https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YzulcT7p7TvHF50aI-Rxg6CMZMIGnxL_/view?usp=sharing Slides] [https://youtu.be/1fnhpRGuY0s Video]
|[[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2020_talks#File_Cloning_with_Block_Reference_Table_.28Pawel_Dawidek.29 | File Cloning with Block Reference Table]]||Pawel Dawidek||Fudo Security||[https://drive.google.com/file/d/1csE8OuPotfhaFi9KvTGKMGy86KxrBu2W/view?usp=sharing Slides] [https://youtu.be/hYBgoaQC-vo Video]
|Hacking presentations, voting & awards||everyone||||[https://youtu.be/SjlQAqwLAOg Video]
See [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 2021]] for presentations and information about last year's (virtual) conference.

* [[OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2020_talks | Detailed description of each presentation]]
* [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qH-qST3uSYVh7fzWHWIB1eM1y5rAYCQs6tRDjOhVYx0/edit#gid=0 OpenZFS 2020 Hackathon Ideas] spreadsheet

== Introduction to OpenZFS ==
== Introduction to OpenZFS ==

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Welcome to OpenZFS

OpenZFS Developer Summit 2022

Announcing dates for 2022 OpenZFS Developer Summit, which well be held in person in San Francisco this year:

Key Dates

Jul 19, 2022 Conference registration opens

Begin submitting Abstract / Presentation proposals
Aug 29, 2021 Abstract / Presentation proposal deadline
Sep 9, 2021 Selected speakers notified
Oct 24-25, 2022 Conference

See OpenZFS Developer Summit 2021 for presentations and information about last year's (virtual) conference.

Introduction to OpenZFS

OpenZFS is an open-source storage platform. It includes the functionality of both traditional file systems and volume manager. It has many advanced features including:

  • Protection against data corruption. Integrity checking for both data and metadata.
  • Continuous integrity verification and automatic “self-healing” repair
    • Data redundancy with mirroring, RAID-Z1/2/3 [and DRAID]
  • Support for high storage capacities — up to 256 trillion yobibytes (2^128 bytes)
  • Space-saving with transparent compression using LZ4, GZIP or ZSTD
  • Hardware-accelerated native encryption
  • Efficient storage with snapshots and copy-on-write clones
  • Efficient local or remote replication — send only changed blocks with ZFS send and receive

Contributing to OpenZFS

The OpenZFS project brings together developers from the Linux, FreeBSD, illumos, MacOS, and Windows platforms. OpenZFS is supported by a wide range of companies.

There are many ways to contribute to OpenZFS including:

Get Started with OpenZFS

Frequently Asked Questions

OpenZFS concepts

A non-exhaustive list of OpenZFS features

OpenZFS Technical Resources

How to install OpenZFS

OpenZFS manual pages

Feature Details. Detailed subsystem/feature blogs, on-disk format specifications: Developer Resources

We accept donations to cover our ongoing costs.

OpenZFS is an associated project of SPI (Software in the Public Interest). SPI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which handles our donations, finances, and legal holdings. You can donate through paypal using the link below: