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General Documentation aimed at users / system administrators

Distribution-Specific User Documentation



  • Links to user documentation (distribution)

Do we want this here or should this just be part of the links to other distributions?

Implementation Documentation aimed at developers

  • Architectural/high-level documentation about ZFS as a whole
    • We should collaborate on this with a wiki before the launch
    • Might also have a common set of documentation that can be used for all distributions as a starting point and just modified

Matt, George, and Chris Siden are working on writing the architectural/high-level documentation. We probably need to think about the common user documentation.

Repo-Specific Developer Documentation

  • Information about how to develop ZFS for the different distributions/pointers to them (e.g., how to build illumos)
    • In particular, documentation about how to test and possibly scripts for building
    • Needs to be written/links provided by reps from those communities