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* for use with Mac OS X 10.6 – OS X 10.9
* for use with Mac OS X 10.6 – OS X 10.9
* not yet tested with Darwin – might need slight compile tweaks
* occasional disk images at http://lundman.net/ftp/osx.zfs/
* occasional disk images at http://lundman.net/ftp/osx.zfs/
* when ZFS-OSX becomes stable it will be the preferred stable version of [http://maczfs.org/ MacZFS].
* will eventually become new version of [http://maczfs.org/ MacZFS].

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Open source distributions of OpenZFS are available for the following open source platforms.

(For commercial products, see companies.)


At the core of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, which is certified to The Open Group UNIX® 03 standard, are Apple open source Darwin technologies.


  • Port of ZFS on Linux
  • alpha, developer preview – please use only with test pools
  • for use with Mac OS X 10.6 – OS X 10.9


FreeBSD is a full general purpose operating system. There are also several specialized distributions.

Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

  • General purpose GNU distribution for amd64/i386
  • Uses the FreeBSD kernel, which provides an OpenZFS implementation
  • An official Debian release, still using GNU libc and with ninety percent of the same software packages available
  • wheezy stable release:
    • able to dual-boot 9.0 (default) or 8.3 kernels of FreeBSD
    • zpool version 28 (deduplication, raidz3, removable log devices)
    • still lacks support for ashift=, and important development tools like DTrace
    • installer supports creation of zpools, installing to them, and booting directly from them with GRUB2
  • testing release will be updated with new FreeBSD kernel releases, gaining many OpenZFS enhancements, including support for lz4 compression




FreeNAS Shark Transparent on dark.png
  • NAS appliance software
  • commercial support available for sister product TrueNAS from iXsystems.





The illumos codebase is the foundation for various distributions – comparable to the relationship between the Linux kernel and Linux distributions.

  • Forked from the OpenSolaris codebase in 2010
  • browse ZFS source code in opengrok or github


OmniOS logo.png




  • Gentoo provides first-party ZFS on Linux packages to itself and its derivatives.
  • Derivatives include:
Funtoo.png PentooLogo.jpeg Sabayon-logo.png

ZFS on Linux

  • Implemented in the kernel
  • maintained in an independent code repository (not the mainline kernel)
  • provides self-building packages for Debian, Fedora, RHEL/CentOS/SL, Ubuntu and build instructions for several other distributions.

Distribution logos used with permission. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners