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The goals of the OpenZFS project are:

  • to raise awareness of the quality, utility, and availability of open source implementations of ZFS
  • to encourage open communication about ongoing efforts to improve open source ZFS
  • to ensure consistent reliability, functionality, and performance of all distributions of ZFS.


This website is kindly hosted on hardware provided by, and software written by the nice folk at HybridCluster, which is a ZFS-powered hosting platform that provides HA and auto-scaling with container-based live-migration for LAMP apps on FreeBSD.

Legal status

OpenZFS has many participants and is not the work of any single company. We intend to create a nonprofit organization (NPO) to hold the few assets of the OpenZFS project, which include:

  • the OpenZFS logo
  • the domain name open-zfs.org (and variants).

These assets are currently held by Matt Ahrens.

The OpenZFS logo was created by Fffunction. See the OpenZFS brand guidelines for more information about the logo.

The OpenZFS logo may be used in conjunction with products or projects that use OpenZFS. If you have questions about use of the OpenZFS logo, please contact admin@open-zfs.org.

Website content

The contents of the open-zfs.org website are the copyright of various individuals and organizations, and are available to use under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.